The River- Fine Kosher Wines

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    The Twin Suns have arrived! If you know kosher wine, you probably know Shirah, produced by brothers Gabriel and Shimon Weiss, in California. Consistently rated the top kosher wine year after year, their small batch productions cannot stay on the shelf. But they don’t come cheap. Many retailers and consumers have asked, “Can’t Shirah make a less expensive, mevushal wine?” The answer is yes. Together with The River, who is the distributor of Shirah as well as many Israeli wineries, the Weiss brothers created the first of a series of remarkable California wines with the suggested retail price of $14.99.

    image0The first release is a 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, made from Lodi, California, grapes which were harvested late in their ripening to give the wine a fruity, “Shirah” style. Keeping the acidity low, yet balanced, is also a trademark of the winemakers. All this results in a soft, aromatic and full-bodied wine. image1
    Ami and Larissa Nahari are the owners of The River, and named the brand after their twin sons, Ivri and Eitan, who were born just around the time of the company’s founding. Much thought went into the packaging: the label is classic and clean, the wide neck bottle impresses without the need for a capsule, hinting to the printed cork inside.

    Besides satisfying the Shirah customer, there is also a need for more California wines in this price category. The line will expand next year with additional varietals, including a white. The Twin Suns Cabernet is currently available in retail stores. Contact The River on where to buy.

    Larissa Nahari

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