24 Hour Family Adventure in the Negev

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    The wonders of the desert make for an amazing 24 hour family adventure in the Negev. The desert is vast in Israel. But, it is a magical and fascinating place to explore. Families from around the world have contacted Tourist Israel and expressed interest in a one-day itinerary that includes some of the most popular activities offered in the Negev region. This itinerary is designed to help you plan your adventure so feel free to mix and match. A similar full-day adventure is available as a tour as well.

    Tourist Israel’s suggested itinerary for a one-day family adventure in the Negev:

    One-Day Itinerary:



    Leave from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv in the morning and drive two hours south to Mitzpe Ramon. Mitzpe Ramon is a town nestled on the northern cliff of the Ramon Crater, which is Israel’s largest erosion crater. It is 40 km long and forms Israel’s largest national park. There are three recommended activities you can take advantage of on the rim of the crater.

    After finishing this excursion, it will be just about time for lunch. You can pack your own lunch or grab something at the local supermaret. If you want a memorable lunch experience, you can take advantage of two different options. First, you could participate in a bedouin style lunch in an authentic Bedouin camp. Another option is to have lunch at one of thespecialist farms in the Negev.


    An Ibex gasps as he looks across the Ramon Crater by Flickr user drsoran

    It’s important to learn about and understand the back-story of the Negev desert. There are two different ways you can do this. At theMitzpe Ramon Visitors Center, you will discover the fascinating geology behind the creation of the Ramon Crator. Instead, you can visit the kibbutz of Sde Boker and Ben Gurion’s hut. Here you’ll hear the fascinating story of Israel’s Prime Minister and his vision for the Negev.

    From here, it’s time for more desert fun. There are multiple options here, depending on your family’s interests:


    After the heat of the day has worn off, there is still time for one more adventure. You can either complete a 90-minute hike at Ein Avdat, if you haven’t done that already, or you can try sand boarding!

    If you finish your day and leave around 18:30, you should arrive back in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv within two hours. For the full list of adventure activities offered as individual tours, click here.

    Whatever adventure options you choose, there’s not doubt you will will have a fun-filled 24 hour family adventure in the Negev!


    If you want to book the 24 Hour Family Adventure in the Negev tour instead of planning it yourself, click here.

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