Purim in Israel. March 9-12, 2017

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    Purim is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in Israel. Purim in Israel is embraced by the whole country, from religious Jews in Jerusalem to secular Tel Avivians, it is a time of festivity and celebrated far beyond its original religious roots. Purim parties take place across Israel, with Purim street parties with carnival atmospheres taking place in almost every city, town and village in the country. Purim is also one of the biggest nights of the year at clubs up and down the country. With so much going on, and so much color in the amazing costumes that can be seen, Purim in Israel is a fascinating time to be in the country. In 2017, the festival of Purim will take place from the evening of March 11 until the evening of March 12 although events extend over the weekend, with many events taking place on Thursday and Friday March 9-10.

    ** For events in Tel Aviv – see our dedicated article about Purim in Tel Aviv and for events in Jerusalem, Purim in Jerusalem** For events in the rest of Israel, see below **


    Purim Parade by Lilachd, on Flickr

    Purim is the festival that celebrates the Jewish people in the Persian Empire’s survival in the face of destruction in the wake of a plot by Haman. The festival is widely celebrated but is not a day when people do not work, and businesses are open pretty well as usual. The main symbols of Purim are masquerading, and from kids to adults, this tradition is widely embraced, and festive drinking, which many interpret as ‘getting drunk’ among all elements of society. Special foods, including Hamantaschen (Oznei Haman) –  sweet pastry filled with, typically, a sweet poppy seed filling, are eaten, and bakeries across the country will be baking these in the run up to the festival.

    Adloyada Holon, Holon Purim Parade

    Adloyada Holon is one of the biggest Purim events in Israel, a massive carnival that will take place in 2016 for the twenty-fourthtime in the city of Holon, just south of Tel Aviv. Read more about Adloyada Holon.

    Time tbc

    Beer Sheva Old City Purim Festival

    Colorful street performance in the magical streets of the Old City of Beer Sheva, there will be arts and crafts and a costume contest.

    Time tbc

    Tel Aviv Purim Street Party

    The annual Tel Aviv Purim Street Party will be held in Kikar Hamedina.  This is a mega event will featuring, as it has done in previous years, performances from some top musicians, and a great party atmosphere. Event will not take place in rain. Read more about the Tel Aviv Purim Street Party

    Expected on Friday March 10, from 11:00 but not confirmed. More details here

    Tel Aviv Purim Zombie Walk

    Another annual event, the Tel Aviv Purim Zombie walk features, well, zombies, walking through the streets of Tel Aviv. In 2015, the event will return, seeing thousands of locals dressed as zombies, invading nighttime Tel Aviv. Gathering at 21:00 at the corner of Ben-Zion Boulevard and King George (Near the Dizengoff Center).

    Expected on Friday March 10 from 21:00 but not confirmed.

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