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Szalom Falafel : “The best Falafel in Kazimierz”

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A great small fast food kosher restaurant in the heart of kazmirez and it’s a place that perfectly fits into the atmosphere of Kazimierz. Israeli music and the smell of spices add to the authenticity.

It is primarily a take -out place. However, there are two tables and a counter with chairs. It is attached to the Isaac Synagogue and is under the Kosher Supervision of the Chabad, Rabbi  Eliezer Gurary with a kosher certificate officially placed  on the wall. They serve delicious Israel falalel and Kosher Pizza but menu also includes Shakshuka, soup of the day, Sabih, and sandwiches with eggs, vex or pita with falafel.

This restaurant prepares really fresh and delicious food and all dishes are freshly prepared on site.

Szalom Falafel : Falalel, hummus – New York Jewish Travel Guide

I tried the pizza and falafel and I was pleasantly surprised. The pizza was great and freshly made. But that’s not the reason to come here unless you absolutely must have kosher pizza in Krakow. The true star of this restaurant is the falafel (and the reason for my 5 star rating) and they are really special. They are light, fluffy and flavored on the  inside and crispy on the outside. The salad options are very good and the lemon sauce they use is magic. The pita bread is freshly made and is light and soft, while the falafel balls were ample and had just the right amount of crunch, along with the vegetables, Chumus, and Tachina which were super.

Szalom Falafel- Delicious Pizza. New York Jewish Travel Guide

I really loved the falafel and shakshuka and this place knows how to cook it!  “For a quick healthy bite, I would recommend this place.” I have eaten many different falafels and humus, but never and nowhere have I tasted anything like the Shalom Falafel!

The best part of the meal was the gelato but I must also comment on their chocolate ice cream which was the best I’ve ever tasted. Deep, dark  and rich and obviously loaded with cocoa.

The restaurant is also open to groups of up to 30 people but advanced booking is required to reserve the larger dinner room for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. Contact Luba Salov at the restaurant.

Price was moderate and has an excellent price / quality ratio but acceptable for the only kosher establishment in town.  I would say: “The best street food from Israel in Kazimierz is from “ Szalom in Krakow” at a good price” which is a bonus!

 If you want an authentic and strictly kosher taste of Israel, be sure to give Szalom Falafel a try. You will not regret it and savor the tastes for a long time.

Szalom Falafel is open on Sat. night in the summer from 10.00 p.m. to midnight.  Weekdays from 10am-10pm

General ManagerLuba

Culinary Team: Luba, Tim, Paulina

ul. Jakuba 21  Kraków קראקוב

+48 508 316 348

Kosher Restaurant

For more information, visit:

To plan a trip to Poland, contact the Polish National Tourist Office North America or log on to: and

Story & Photography by Meyer Harroch – New York Jewish Travel Guide & New York Jewish Guide

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