27th Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow Through The Lens of Weronika Suchodolsha

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    Taste, Smell & Sound of the city” – The National Library of Israel has invited renowned farmer, writer and chef,  Hedai Ofaimm, into their archives, to cook up a fascinating culinary and musical experience based on the herbs and flowers from the hillsides of Jerusalem. In these workshops guests had the chance to taste, smell and hear the unique spirit of Jerusalem, the city of stories, music and food.

    “Taste, Smell & Sound of the city” – The 27th Jewish Culture Festival, Krakow – Weronika Suchodolska for the New York Jewish Travel Guide

    Hummus workshop, Led by: Agnieszka Delkowska. During the workshop the participants learned how to make tahini sauce for hummus, find out more about tahini, chickpeas and how hummus should be cooked. Two unconventional versions of hummus were created – one with beetroot, and one with dried toma- toes. The workshop was led by Agnieszka Delkowska – a chef and culinary advisor, who is passionate about intense tastes and uncommon flavour pairings. For the past 16 years she’s been delving into culinary secrets. She travels frequently, cooks, experiments, and continues her search for that perfect taste. A few years ago she founded the blog Lady Kitchen. She’s dreaming of publishing an unusual cookbook.

    Hummus workshop, Led by: Agnieszka Delkowska – The 27th Jewish Culture Festival, Krakow – Weronika Suchodolska for the New York Jewish Travel Guide

    Fania Lewando’s Cuisine – cooking workshop. Rooted in the Ashkenazi culture, Fania Lewando brought about a veritable culinary revolution. The vegetarian restaurant which she run in the 1930s beat records of popularity, giving rise to various sentiments among the inhabitants of Vilnius. She transferred the concept of tikkun olam to her professional turf, thus contributing to the spread of local vegetable cuisine. In spite of the passage of nearly 90 years, the recipes from Fania’s ground-breaking cook book still inspire with their freshness and encourage reflection.

    Fania Lewando’s Cuisine – The 27th Jewish Culture Festival, Krakow – Weronika Suchodolska for the New York Jewish Travel Guide

    About the Artist/Photographer: Weronika Suchodolsha 

    Weronika Suchodolska was born in 1986 in Krakow. In 2010 she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Directing from the University of Silesia in Katowice and the Master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in 2016.

    Since 2010 Weronika is a staff photographer of Israeli school and adult delegations to Jewish memorial sites in Poland. She also photographs Jewish families visiting Poland for roots trips providing photo documentation of the journeys.


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