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    Haven’t Planned Your Company’s Winter Party Yet?

    Even with New York City’s abundance of kosher restaurants and caterers, finding a kosher caterer that offers delicious food and quality service isn’t always easy. How do you find the best catering options in the kosher market that seems saturated with American “fast-casual” and Israeli options? I’ve rounded up three players in the food-service industry who, in addition to offering glatt kosher catering, go against the grain with unique menu items that make them stand out against the rest.


    Zavo Restaurant and Lounge, located on 60th and 3rd, is changing the kosher events scene by offering a stunning menu to rival competitors alongside a unique interior reminiscent of the Israeli seaside. Although the restaurant itself has no hashgacha, they have a glatt kosher catering kitchen regulated by New England Kosher available for events of 20 or more.

    ZAVO RESTAURANT & LOUNGE, Bar Area – New York Jewish Travel Guide

    The restaurant is owned by the Zavolunov family, who has been in the restaurant industry for decades. The On November 8th, they hosted a kosher tasting evening, where members of the press came to sample items that “just so happened” to be kosher.

    Zavo Restaurant and Lounge – private dining lounge- New York Jewish Travel Guide

    Zavo’s kosher catering kitchen is able to provide any dish from the restaurant’s menu that complies with the laws of kashrus (so – that leaves out the char-grilled octopus!), but the restaurant is also open to designing a menu with unique requests. Your event will have a mashgiach present to answer any questions about the food, from the comforting potato samosas to the melt-in-your-mouth chicken skewers. If your event requires the space, the entire second floor of Zavo can be opened into one reception area, offering uninterrupted views of 3rd avenue from 60th to 61st streets.


    Adorned with bold street lamps and vintage French posters, Le Marais is uniquely designed to transport you to its namesake neighborhood in Paris. Upstairs, you will find ample space for corporate and family events, complete with a full-service bar and the often- requested armchairs that clients love to fight for.

    The Veal Tongue Taco, Le Marais Restaurant

    Despite its classic French (with a kosher twist) menu, Le Marais’ catering options are not limited to its European origins. That is,  a “Veal Tongue Taco” is probably not the first thing you associate with Parisian cuisine, but Le Marais pulls it off in a such a way that forces you not to question this odd combination.  Other catering menu options from this long-standing steakhouse include BBQ chicken, moroccan chilli and fried fluke, which is an ode to the Portuguese owner’s hometown. Of course, you can’t go wrong with sticking to traditional French bites that have been satisfying for 23 years.


    If a schnitzel sandwich on a warm crusty baguette with apricot-fig jam sounds appealing, then Sage Kitchen is your match. Founded through the Chabad of Bowery, Sage Kitchen features a beautifully crafted menu of artisanal salads, grain bowls, sandwich platters, and homemade desserts.

    Head Chef Jasmine “Jazzie” Einalhori originally graduated from NYU with a degree in hospitality, and received additional training in Italy afterwards. Growing up in a Persian-Israeli house, Jazzie is no stranger to culinary fusion or experimentation. Sage Kitchen finds unique ways around kosher dilemmas such as using butter in pareve chocolate chip cookies by using a light dash of tehini, leaving a creamy texture to the cookie, completely unnoticeable by anyone who isn’t the biggest router for a nutty or sesame flavor. When you taste Jazzie’s food, you’d wonder why NYU doesn’t bring Sage Kitchen into their dining halls to cater once a week.





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