Medieval Jewish Thinkers in Their Historical Contexts II (3/3/2020)

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    Maimonides was the most important and most studied medieval Jewish philosopher, yet we still argue over what he really believed. How should we understand God? Do people have free will? Why is there evil in the world? What is the role of the Messiah? Will the dead be resurrected? Why should Jews observe halakha (Jewish law)? This course will explore the writings of Maimonides and compare his views on these questions to those of his predecessors including Saadia Gaon and Judah Halevi as well as the larger multi-religious society in which he lived and worked.

    Dr. Regina Stein is the Morris Kaplan Scholar-in-Residence at the Museum at Eldridge Street. She has taught for Temple Emanu-El’s Skirball Center for Adult Jewish Learning, the Wexner Heritage Foundation, CLAL, the Jewish Theological Seminary, the Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel, the Academy for Jewish Religion, and the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. Dr. Stein is formerly the National Director of the Hadassah Leadership Academy.

    Museum at Eldridge Street

    12 Eldridge Street

    New York, NY 10002

    March 3rd, 2020

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