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    New York Jewish Travel Guide –

    Tens of thousands of international and local visitors are expected to attend this years (18-20.08.14) International Klezmer Festival in Zefat. The biggest festival of Jewish soul music in the world that is in its 27rd year in Zefat.

    The Klezmer Festival is no doubt one of the biggest events in the Israeli cultural calendar. Numerous unique musical performances are given by the best Klezmer musicians from Israel who perform with other international Klezmer greats. Stages are set up in the old historical alleys of Zefat which lend a special atmosphere to the festival.


    Among the artists appearing this year – David Daor, Mirel Reznik, Aharon Razel, Eyal Shiluah, Golan Azulai, Hamadregot, Ben Snof, Daniel Zamir, Musa Berlin, Jimmy Lloyd, Womens group “Klezmiriot”, groups and special artists from around the world, Bimat Karliback and many others.

    In addition to the many performances (free entrance to all of them) there will also be many other activities in the city. They will include a stage for “Klezmerim for Kids” – kids will be encouraged to try the Klezmer instruments, a magic show and storytelling, demonstrations of unusual instruments, plays and many more. Musical tours will be given accompanied by Klezmer musicians in cooperation with the JNF. There will also be tours and workshops in the spirit of the Kabala and the city of Zefat. Entrance is free to all the activities for the duration of the festival including all the performances spread around the city and Klezmer Jam sessions that will go on into the small hours and lots of other activities for all the family.


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