How Does the Brill Family Get to Visit Israel Every Year – And Make Money on It?

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    All the Brill family wanted to do was to visit Israel once a year. What they actually did was find way to visit family, buy an apartment, and even make some money on it.

    Seth Brill will never forget the first time he visited Israel: “As a young student, I spent time at The Hebrew University. The colors, the smells, the sun, the people, they were all completely different from Maryland, where I grew up. One weekend, I got together with a few other students. We rented a car and drove to Tel Aviv. People told us that Tel Aviv is just like New York, so I thought I knew what to expect, because I knew New York well. My aunt lived in the Upper West Side, but Tel Aviv was completely different from anything I imagined. The beach, the people, the atmosphere, they were so much warmer, just like family. I felt at home there, even though my Hebrew wasn’t very good. That was the day I fell in love with Tel Aviv.”


    It’s been twenty-two years since that visit. Today Brill is married with three kids of his own. Both he and his wife Meryl are lawyers. Their children attend a Jewish day school and know Israel well. That’s because the Brill family makes a point of visiting there once a year, not only to get together with family and friends, but also to maintain their children’s close ties to the Jewish state. “A few years after I came home and finished school, my sister met an Israeli boy and decided to make aliyah. So we made a decision as a family that we would spend the holidays together no matter where she lives.  Ever since then, we’ve gone to Israel once a year, either for Rosh Hashanah or Passover. The weather in Israel is wonderful during the holiday season, and we love the fact that we can feel the holiday in Israel in a way that we could not in the U.S. The whole country celebrates. It is absolutely wonderful.”

    For years, the Brill family had no choice but to stay in hotels or rent an apartment during these regular visits to Israel. “There are five of us, plus my parents. They are older now, and they have their own routine. Living with my sister would mean sleeping on mattresses on the floor or on air mattresses, which is not for people our age. When we go to Israel, we want to feel relaxed, and we want our privacy too. We don’t want to get in anybody’s way, and we don’t want anyone to get in our way either. It’s a vacation for us. It’s a family visit, so it has to be as comfortable and pleasant as possible for everyone.” The price of hotels in Israel is steep, adding to the cost of the family trip: “Prices charged by hotels in Israel are unbelievable, especially during the holiday season. Every year we felt like we had to come up with some alternative solution, which would allow us to keep coming back to Israel year after year, without wasting enormous amounts of money on lodgings.” So the Brill family started looking into buying an apartment in the Tel Aviv area. “We thought of buying an apartment that we could live in, whenever we went to Israel, but we quickly realized that it was a bad solution for us. Most of the apartments are old, and the new ones cost a fortune. We couldn’t rent the apartment out when we are not in Israel, because there was no way we could evacuate the tenants for the two or three weeks that we are there. Since this is also a vacation for us, we wanted an apartment close to the beach, to feel like we are on vacation too. So in the end, we dropped the idea of buying an apartment. Then we heard about Sea Hotel.”


    Located on the Bat Yam seashore, right next to the city’s border with Tel Aviv, Sea Hotel is an innovative and exclusive new project that allows the owners of its units to live there up to three months a year. The rest of the time, their units are part of a full-fledged hotel, with the owners receiving a high annual return. In other words, it is a property that works for you. You can live there, when you are in Israel, but it is also rented out, providing you with a return, no matter where you are.

    Every apartment overlooks the beach. The complex also includes a luxurious spa, a pool, a gym, and restaurants. The management company that runs the hotel is responsible for renting out the property, when the owners aren’t there, as well as for routine maintenance. It doesn’t matter whether you are a businessperson coming to Israel for work or a tourist coming to visit family, Sea Hotel lets you get the best of both worlds. You can spend up to three months in a luxury apartment registered in your name, and you receive an income from the property, whenever you are away.

    “Sea Hotel is the perfect solution for us,” says Brill. “It meets all our needs.  Not only do we own a prestigious piece of property in an excellent location, we also make money off it, without it taking up any of our time. We know that we have a regular place to stay in Israel, when we go every year. We now have a home of our own there. We can go to Israel without a worry in the world, and when the time comes, we can leave without a worry in the world, because we know that our property won’t be standing empty. It is earning a return for us, and there is someone to take care of it.”

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