27th Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow Through the Lens of Weronika Suchodolsha: “Taste, Smell, and Sound of the City”

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    “Taste, Smell, and Sound of the City”: The National Library of Israel recently extended a special invitation to the acclaimed farmer, writer, and chef, Hedai Ofaimm. Within the hallowed walls of their archives, Hedai Ofaimm embarked on a captivating culinary and musical journey, inspired by the herbs and flowers found on the hillsides of Jerusalem.

    These engaging workshops offered attendees a remarkable opportunity to engage with the essence of Jerusalem on multiple sensory levels. Participants were invited to savor the flavors, inhale the scents, and immerse themselves in the distinctive spirit of this storied city—a place where narratives, music, and gastronomy converge to create a truly unique cultural experience.

     “Taste, Smell, and Sound of the City”—The  27th Jewish Culture Festival, Krakow—Weronika Suchodolska for the New York Jewish Travel Guide

    Hummus Workshop with Agnieszka Delkowska

    This hands-on experience also offered a deeper understanding of the key ingredients—tahini and chickpeas—and the art of preparing hummus to perfection.

    During the workshop, attendees had the opportunity to explore unconventional variations of hummus, with two distinctive creations taking center stage—one infused with the vibrant flavors of beetroot and the other enriched with the sun-dried sweetness of tomatoes.

    Agnieszka Delkowska, a seasoned chef and culinary advisor, spearheaded this gastronomic adventure. Her passion for intense flavors and innovative taste combinations has driven her culinary exploration for the past 16 years. With a penchant for experimentation, Agnieszka frequently embarks on culinary adventures, continually seeking that elusive, perfect taste. She brings her wealth of knowledge and expertise to the forefront, providing participants with a memorable and enriching hummus-making experience.

    A few years ago, Agnieszka founded the Lady Kitchen blog, where she shares her culinary insights and discoveries. Her dream of publishing an unconventional cookbook reflects her commitment to bringing unique and extraordinary flavors to the world of cooking.

    For those who appreciate the art of food and the thrill of flavor experimentation, Agnieszka Delkowska’s hummus workshop was a delightful and educational culinary odyssey.

     Hummus workshop, led by Agnieszka Delkowska, The 27th Jewish Culture Festival, Krakow, Weronika Suchodolska for the New York Jewish Travel Guide

    Exploring Fania Lewando’s Culinary Legacy: A Cooking Workshop

    Deeply entrenched in Ashkenazi culture, Fania Lewando was a trailblazer who ignited a culinary revolution. In the 1930s, she helmed a vegetarian restaurant that captured the hearts and taste buds of Vilnius residents, breaking popularity records and sparking a range of emotions among its patrons.

    Fania Lewando’s approach transcended mere culinary excellence; she infused the concept of Tikkun Olam into her professional domain, championing the spread of local vegetable cuisine. Despite nearly 90 years passing since her time, the recipes from Fania’s pioneering cookbook continue to captivate with their timeless freshness, inviting reflection, and culinary exploration.

    This cooking workshop invites participants to immerse themselves in the gastronomic realm crafted by Fania Lewando.

    It’s a unique opportunity to explore the innovative and vegetarian-centric cuisine that she championed. Through her enduring recipes, Fania’s legacy continues to inspire, reminding us of the enduring power of culinary creativity and its capacity to connect us with the past while encouraging us to reimagine the future of food.

     Fania Lewando’s Cuisine, The 27th Jewish Culture Festival, Krakow, Weronika Suchodolska for the New York Jewish Travel Guide

    Artist/Photographer Profile: Weronika Suchodolska

    Weronika Suchodolska, born in the vibrant city of Krakow in 1986, is a talented artist and photographer with a passion for visual storytelling. Her academic journey reflects her commitment to the artistry of image-making.

    In 2010, Weronika earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Directing from the prestigious University of Silesia in Katowice, demonstrating her early dedication to the world of cinematic storytelling. She further honed her creative skills by obtaining a Master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in 2016, showcasing her commitment to artistic expression through various mediums.

    Since 2010, Weronika has served as a staff photographer, specializing in capturing the experiences of Israeli schools and adult delegations during their visits to Jewish memorial sites in Poland. Her lens not only documents these significant journeys but also adds a visual narrative to the poignant stories they represent.

    Weronika Suchodolska’s photographic expertise extends to Jewish families embarking on roots trips to Poland, where her images provide a lasting record of their emotional and historical connections to the country.

    For inquiries or further information, you can contact Weronika Suchodolska via email at weronika.suchodolska@gmail.com.


    For those considering a trip to Poland, you can get in touch with the Polish National Tourist Office North America, or plan your visit by visiting:

    https://www.poland.travel/en  and www.krakow.pl

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