27th Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow Through The Lens of Weronika Suchodolsha-TEDER Weekender

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    We are committed to honoring the finest traditions, which is why, on the second weekend of the JCF, we are thrilled to extend a heartfelt invitation to Barka Café for one of Krakow’s most anticipated events: TEDER Weekender: Krakow Meets Tel Aviv.

    This year’s lineup promises an extraordinary and diverse experience, featuring everything from house and techno to electronic beats infused with Middle Eastern influences. Join us for a vibrant celebration of music, culture, and the dynamic connection between these two fantastic cities.

    TEDER Weekender: Krakow Meets Tel Aviv—The 27th Jewish Culture Festival, Krakow—Weronika Suchodolska for the New York Jewish Travel Guide

    Experience the Shalom Concert on Szeroka Street, the world’s grandest showcase of contemporary Jewish music from across the globe! Seven hours of uninterrupted music await you, right in the heart of Kazimierz.

    Shalom concert on Szeroka Street, Veronika Suchodolska for the New York Jewish Travel Guide

    Shalom concert on Szeroka Street—The 27th Jewish Culture Festival, Krakow—Weronika Suchodolska for the New York Jewish Travel Guide

    Nitai Hershkovits: Time Grove (Israel)

    Despite his youth, pianist and composer Nitai Hershkovits has built an impressive artistic portfolio. He first gained recognition through his work with renowned Israeli jazz musician Avishai Cohen. At Teatr Nowy, Hershkovits presented his Time Grove project, a creative venture developed in collaboration with Rejoicer, the producer of his debut album, I Asked You a Question. This project explores samples, beats, and electronics, and features saxophonist Eyal Talmudic, who brings a new dimension to the instrument’s sound.

    Shalom concert on Szeroka Street—The 27th Jewish Culture Festival, Krakow—Weronika Suchodolska for the New York Jewish Travel Guide

    Paul Shapiro: Shofarot Verses (United States)

    Renowned composer and saxophonist Paul Shapiro has distinguished himself with acclaimed albums such as Midnight Minyan, it’s in the Twilight, and Essen, all released under John Zorn’s Tzadik label. His exceptional talent lies in blending Jewish musical traditions with contemporary genres like jazz, soul, and R&B, resulting in unique and innovative styles.

    In addition to his solo work, Shapiro has collaborated with notable artists including Lou Reed, David Byrne, Jay-Z, and Antony and the Johnsons. The New York Times has praised him, noting that “Mr. Shapiro transforms the ritual of a Friday night Shabbat service into a rollicking downtown jam.” His passion and love for music are evident in every note he plays.

    For the Krakow audience, Shapiro performed selections from his latest album, Shofarot Verses (2014), which has been met with enthusiastic acclaim from both listeners and critics.

    Saxophonist Paul Shapiro, The 27th Jewish Culture Festival, Krakow, and Weronika Suchodolska for the New York Jewish Travel Guide

    About the Artist/Photographer: Weronika Suchodolska

    Weronika Suchodolska, born in 1986 in Krakow, earned her Bachelor of Arts in Film Directing from the University of Silesia in Katowice in 2010 and her master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in 2016.

    Since 2010, Weronika has worked as a staff photographer for Israeli schools and adult delegations visiting Jewish memorial sites in Poland. She also documents Jewish families traveling to Poland to explore their roots, capturing these significant moments with invaluable photo documentation.

    Contact Information:

    Email: weronika.suchodolska@gmail.com

    For more information and to plan a trip to Poland, you can contact the Polish National Tourist Office North America or visit:

    Website: https://www.poland.travel/en
    Website: www.krakow.pl

    Meyer Harroch
    New York Jewish Travel Guide


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