The many flavors of Israeli hotels

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    Israel abounds with wonderful places to sleep and dream, whether it’s fancy hotels in the desert or fairy houses in the Golan.

    When traveling, you can sometimes let go of normalcy and embrace something dreamlike. Israel abounds with wonderful places to sleep and to dream, catering to all tastes and imaginations.

    The Beresheet Hotel overlooking the Ramon Crater.

    There are the lush fairy houses of the Castles that Move in the Wind up in the Golan; Beresheet, a stone hotel that sits, as silent and monolithic as the city of Ur, on the edge of the Ramon crater in the Negev; and the sublime respite Mitzpe Hayamim, a spa/hotel/organic farm near Rosh Pina, and many more.

    We have not stayed in every hotel in Israel – not by a long shot – but we have touched down in nearly every corner of the country and have seen a wide gamut of lodging places, from mud huts on working farms in the desert to the most elegantly appointed hotel rooms overlooking vistas of green hills, borderlines, and history.

    What we have seen throughout our travels is that Israelis have a knack for combining elegance with a lack of pretention, a Mediterranean understanding of hedonism with a kibbutznik practicality.

    Each of the hotels, inns, and guesthouses we’ve mentioned combines those factors.

    The Beresheet Hotel overlooking the Ramon Crater

    Your feet are always on the ground in Israel; it is hard not to feel agreeably at home here in the most basic and the most high-toned places. That kind of comfort is the ultimate luxury.

    Lin Arison & Diana C. Stoll are the creators of The Desert and the Cities Sing: Discovering Today’s Israel, a treasure box that highlights Israel’s creative achievement and innovation.

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