A lavish start to the day: The hotel breakfast

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    Hotels in Israel often offer magnificently extravagant breakfast buffets.

    Consider for example the lavish spreads at Rosh Pina’s beautiful Pina Barosh Inn and at Mizpe Hayamim, at the Beresheet Hotel, and at Tel Aviv’s Manta Ray (where diners at breakfast look out over the Mediterranean Sea). 

    Coffee is essential to breakfast, and it’s excellent most everywhere in Israel. (This is one of the few countries where the Starbucks franchise did not succeed: all six Israeli Starbucks branches closed their doors in 2003.)

    Coffee is taken throughout the day, when anyone needs a pleasant jolt in the form of deliciously rich, dark and potent caffeine, straight-up in the form of powerful espresso or softened with steamed milk and sweetened with raw sugar.

    Shiri Bistro at Pina Barosh

    Beresheet Hotel 

    Manta Ray 

    Mizpe Hayamim 

    Lin Arison and Diana C. Stoll are the creators of The Desert and the Cities Sing: Discovering Today’s Israel, a treasure box that highlights Israel’s creative achievement and innovation.

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