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    The top of the local indie scene will gather to shake the roof of Hangar 11 in a one-time show or if you will, a holiday. A rare summit meeting with a precedent concept: one space, two stages, nine delinarers. The carefully selected ensembles sketch the “Best Of” map of everything that happens in the contemporary Israeli music scene and they will come and go one by one in an ambitious, non-stop marathon.

    In order to enable this end event, the space will be built specifically and adapted to the fantasy dimensions of the event, the platform in which two stages will be built against each other will allow you to bring together the hot and varied extremes that the local scene has to offer (

    A-WA ★ theAngelcy ★ TATRAN ★ Garden City Movementt ★ Kutimann ★ Boom Pamm + Liron Amram & The Panthers ★ The White Screen ★ Michael Swissa Michael Swissa

    (+ More names below)

    Prepare yourself for a tight and rich experience, without distractions and distractions – one performance ends and immediately on the opposite stage, the next one begins. The pair of stages will produce a continuous and fascinating sequence of the local top. And if that’s not enough, you’ll also develop an art gallery of fascinating local artists. A connection that takes place in the field between music and visual art, under one roof.

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