Jared Kushner’s Dream Comes True – Prayers at a Holy Grave in Casablanca

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    “For many years I held this dream in my heart, today I actualized it”. The exciting visit of Jared Kushner to Rabbi Chaim Pinto Zt “l.

    A White House delegation visiting the Middle East made a brief stop today at a Jewish cemetery in Casablanca, with presidential son in law Jared Kushner reportedly taking advantage of an opportunity to pray at the grave of a well known kabalistic rabbi, Rabbi Haim Pinto.

    Kushner and several other senior presidential advisors are traveling to several countries in order to bolster economic support for President Donald Trump’s soon to be announced Israeli Palestinian peace plan.

    A special prayer service was held for the success of Jared Kushner, the son-in-law and senior advisor to the President of the United States, President Donald Trump, during his visit to the Jewish cemetery in Casablanca. The ceremony was held in the memory of Rabbi Chaim Pinto zt”l, by his grandson, the Admor Rabbi David Chananya Pinto. Kushner said “I yearned and longed to pray at the grave of the grandfather of my Rabbi and teacher, Rabbi David Chananya Pinto, today with the help of G-d it came true”.

    Jared Kushner and Rabbi David Pinto on the tomb of Rabbi ‘Haïm Pinto

    Rabbi Pinto addressed the group, blessing the Kingdom of Morocco and its leader, King Mohammed VI, as well as the United States, Trump and Kushner. Rabbi Pinto emphasized the importance of praying for the delegation’s success as worthy emissaries in their mission of world peace.

    At the end of the ceremony, Kushner thanked the Rabbi and added a prayer that “the merit of the righteous shall assist him in the mission imposed upon him.”

    By Hidabroot

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