Stay Connected and Save on Roaming While Vacationing in Israel

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    There is a lot to think about any time you visit another country. Something that is often overlooked is cellular and data services. You tend not to think about it until your plane touches down and suddenly you don’t have service.

    When you travel to the Holy Land, you’ll need a SIM card rental for Israel. If you want to stay connected and avoid roaming charges – in addition to having internet whenever you need it – this is the best way to go.

    Unlimited Israel is the SIM card provider for those travelling in Israel. Their reviews prove they have the best quality service and products that will meet all your cellular network needs. They’re now offering unlimited data in over 165 countries.

    Choosing Unlimited Israel gives you the following-

    • Unlimited Texting
    • Unlimited Data
    • Unlimited Incoming Calls Anywhere
    • Unlimited Calls to Canada and the US
    • Unlimited Israel calls

    Moreover, you’ll gain access to Cellcom, which is Israel’s largest cell provider. You will not experience dropped calls or low signal strength as you move from one region to the next. Live client assistance is available and the company sends the kit to your US address before you depart.

    Unlimited Israel has no daily service limits compared to other international plans offered by US carriers such as AT&T and Verizon. Users won’t have to pay VAT taxes as well. More importantly, you get a 100% money back guarantee when you contract with Unlimited.

    By having unlimited calls, texting and data in Israel, you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about connectivity.

    You can also get a pocket Wi-Fi Israel via Unlimited Israel’s MiFi pocket WiFi device and connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You won’t ever have to rely on a hotel, restaurant or coffee shop’s Wi-FI and take the risk of your personal data being stolen.

    Unlimited Israel also offers high speed, 4G data internet anywhere in Israel. You can connect  up to ten devices, which means you and your family can access their email, browse the net or chat on social media anytime, anywhere without increased costs.

    With an Unlimited data and cellular plan, you can finally relax and enjoy your vacation with utmost peace of mind.

    by Munawar Gul

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