The system integrates into a hotel’s existing booking and payment systems, so there’s no extra work for hotel front desk or reservations teams. UpStay charges a commission on the up-sell revenue generated from guests.

The eight-person company has clients in Israel and abroad, including several leading hotel chains.

Blonder assembled a team for UpStay that includes travel professionals – but he is not one of them. He worked formerly as a venture capitalist and before that for the Israeli government.

“Both jobs got me used to spend a large portion of my time away from home in hotels and airplanes,” he tells ISRAEL21c.“As much as I enjoy these days being with my family at home [because of coronavirus lockdowns], I wish for all of us to go back to traveling around the world, staying at great hotels and making new experiences again.”

Blonder adds that while “no doubt corona slowed us down for a while, now more than ever Hotel Reopen Map can have significance to hotel revenues.”

Hotel Reopen Map is free to use. Click here to see if your next hotel is on the map

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