New Exhibition by Turkish Sephardic artists opens in Sevilla

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    A new exhibition of Turkish Sephardic artists, in the framework of the 530th anniversary of the Sephardic emigration from Spain to Ottoman lands, was opened in Sevilla.

    The exhibition, entitled, The ‘Sepharad: Traces of a Multicultural Heritage’ was opened by the Madrid head office of the Yunus Emre Institute which introduces Turkey’s cultural heritage to the world, on May 19th, the Turkish National Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day.

    33 Turkish Sephardic artists with over 70 artworks from many fields such as oil painting, marbling art, acrylic, photography, embossing, ceramics, and depiction on fabric, are participating in the exhibition curated by the Istanbul born Turkish Sephardic artist Terry Katalan.

    Among the artists contributing to the exhibition with their works are Bubi, Dalya Baruh, Elda Fresko, Esti Saül, Eti Koen, Habib Gerez, Henri Kandiyoti, Hilda Uziyel, Izzet Keribar, Jak Baruh, Jinet Halyo Toledo, Lidya Kohen, Lina Basmacı, Mara Gülerşen, Milen Franko, Moris Sabaner, Nelly Yaffe, Niso Maçoro, Perlet Boveland, Rozi Maçoro, Rozita Kasuto, Salvator Barki, Sara Aji, Sara Özsarfati, Sera Ilel, Seyfi Işman, Sheila Gülman Niyego, Sibel Razzon, Suzi Mitrani, Tania Sisa, Terry Katalan, Tuna Angel, and Verda Habib.

    The Turkish Embassy in Madrid, the Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews, and Centro Sefarad Israel are contributing to the exhibition being organized in Fundación Tres Culturas which has a major place in Sevilla’s art life.

    The exhibition, based on Yunus Emre’s philosophy of peace, brotherhood, and tolerance, is aiming to express that the Sephardic Jews, expelled from Spain and been accepted into the Ottoman lands in 1942, have been living in peace and harmony in Turkey for 530 years and to further strengthen the cultural relations between Turkey and Spain where the Sephardic community’s roots belong.

    The Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews is also making a significant contribution to the exhibition with digital historical images, valuable replicas, Habib Gerez paintings, and drawings of Ottoman Jewish items of clothing. The Blood Libel Firman dated 1866 written by Sultan Abdulaziz, the Tax Exemption Firman given to Buda Jews dated 1526, and the Ketubah with Star and Crescent of 1916 are among works particularly enriching the collection.

    The ‘Sepharad: Traces of a Multicultural Heritage’ exhibition which will be open until September 30th, is planned to meet the art lovers in Madrid after Sevilla.

    ( European Jewish Congress)

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