A Kosher Gem in the Heart of the United Nations

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    I was invited to the UN Plaza Grill to sample their exquisite food. They are a hidden gem in the heart of the United Nations vicinity, serving up world food created by award-winning chefs.

    Located in a beautiful, open space with floor-to-ceiling windows and spectacular décor, I sat in the dining room right opposite the mural of those beautiful white tigers that seem to almost leap off the wall. The ambiance is incredible, with the giant red “lampshades,” the white leather seats, and the booths with some Asian-inspired red-and-white ones dotted in. We were served family-style tastings of some of the restaurant’s delicious signature dishes. Our media group consisted of the publisher of the New York Jewish Travel Guide, the deputy managing editor of a local Jewish newspaper, and a kosher food blogger.

    UN Plaza Grill – New York Jewish Travel Guide

    Our maitre d’, Gandhi Kimia, served each of us a Champagne and Cassis cocktail known as a Kir Royale as soon as we were seated. We all did a L’Chaim and settled into what was going to be a true culinary adventure. A stunning platter of sushi and sashimi was served to us as we sipped drinks.

    Pink Lady roll: tuna, salmon, and yellowtail topped with spicy tuna, crunch, and spicy mayo

    Duo Ahi Tuna: spicy tuna, jalapeno, pear, pepper, tuna, avocado, wasabi aioli

    Volcano: tuna, salmon, mango, crunch, spicy mayo, salmon, yellowtail, avocado

    The Pink Lady had the right level of crunch, and the Duo Ahi Tuna with the jalapeno, pear, and mango had the right amount of heat and sweetness.

    There was also a selection of sashimi, buttery, soft, raw slices of fish that slid down the throat perfectly.

    Volcano – tuna, salmon, Mango, crunch, spicy mayo, salmon, yellowtail, avocado – New York Jewish Travel Guide

    The chef had prepared a unique tasting menu for us that began with a variety of appetizers.

    Sichuan Beef Potstickers: sesame, scallion, and ponzu hoisin glaze

    Lamb Rib with Lamb Samosas

    U.N.B.B.Q. Short Rib Tacos: pineapple, plum tomato salsa, micro cilantro

    More Lamb Samosa

    Lamb Rib with Lamb Samosas – New York Jewish Travel Guide

    The short rib tacos had a tasty smokey flavor, and the Sichuan beef potstickers had a good crunch when bitten into, but you got full dumpling deliciousness. While we recovered from the first two courses, Gandhi, the Maitre D extraordinaire, brought all who needed a glass of red wine, which paired well with what came next.

    What came next?

    The Rack of Lamb: herb-roasted fingerling potatoes, French green lentils, garlic confit

    Cote de boeuf: 20 oz. prime ribeye bone-in This was brought out, already sliced, for the table.

    Short Rib Bourguignon: truffled wild mushrooms, potato puree, shishito peppers

    A selection of sauces

    Purple eggplant side dish

    Haricots Verts had a peanut-type sauce on them and were also a side dish.

    Short Rib Bourguignon – truffled wild mushrooms, potato puree, shishito peppers – New York Jewish Travel Guide

    The waiter served each of us a taste of each dish. I am not sure what they did, but this lamb was just perfect—easy to slice and not too fatty. I could almost hear it bleating. When you sliced into the steak, it cut like butter, and the potatoes, both fingerling and pureed, were totally worth the carbs.

    At this point, we were all impressively stuffed, yet, for some reason, we all managed to find room for dessert, which consisted of…

    French Creole Beignets: caramel vanille, chocolat, and crème anglaise

    Tropical Fruit Baked Alaska: vanilla ice cream, passion fruit sorbet, coconut sorbet, torched meringue

    Peanut Chocolate: peanut butter mousse, chocolate cake crumb, and ganache

    Bittersweet Kalamansi: bittersweet chocolate mousse, calamansi lime cream, chocolate ganache

    Coffee and tea

    The desserts were amazing and delicious. My personal favorites were Baked Alaska, ice cream surrounded by toasted meringue, the Peanut Buttercream with Chocolate Ganache, and the French Beignets with Caramel and Chocolate Sauces.

    French Creole Beignets – Caramel Vanille, Chocolat, and crème anglaise. – New York Jewish Travel Guide

    UN Plaza Grill has a team of award-winning chefs from across the world who create outstanding and exquisite dishes to entice any taste. The impressive team includes executive chef Hok Chin, who was named one of the Best Chefs in America; Haitian-born pastry chef Felencia Darius; and sushi chef Kai Hong Chan (AKA Danny), whose sushi dishes are the best in the world. General manager Gandhi Kimia is no stranger to the restaurant industry, with his impressive roster of restaurants including Reserve Cut, Jezebel, Tavern On The Green, Ben Benson’s Steakhouse, and Sparks, to name a few. UN Plaza Grill caters to all occasions, like weddings, bat and bar mitzvahs, holiday events, and corporate parties, and can work with you to create unique menus for Jewish holidays.

    The excellent quality of the food, along with the welcoming staff and luxurious ambiance, justify the expensive prices and make the UN Plaza Grill a culinary destination you will never forget. It was an incredible evening! A big thank you to UN Plaza Grill for their incredible hospitality, to New York Jewish Travel Guide.com for letting me be part of this experience, and to my other dining companions for a great evening.

    by Deborah Hartman Blaiberg and Meyer Harroch

    New York Jewish Travel Guide: New York Jewish Guide

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