Archaeologists discovered Jewish antiques and Hebrew texts in Tata

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    Archaeologists in Morocco discovered Jewish antiques and Hebrew texts in the city of Tata, according to the National Institute of Archeology and Heritage.

    The researchers, led by Dr. Sagheer Mabrouk, a research professor at the institute, are conducting excavations at the Takadert Synagogue until Tuesday within the framework of the Archaeological and Anthropological Research Program on Moroccan Jewish Heritage.

    The excavations at the site led to significant archaeological discoveries. The Hebrew documents, for instance, provide insight into the timeline of Jewish history in southern Morocco and the history of Morocco, in general, according to the institute.

    In 2021, the Moroccan government initiated a program to conduct restorations on hundreds of Jewish archaeological sites, making Morocco the first country in the Arab world to use public funds for that purpose.

    ( World Jewish Congress)

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