Ruby Marie Hotel‎: An Oasis in Vienna

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    During a recent press trip to Vienna, I had the privilege of staying at the exquisite Ruby Marie Hotel. This charming boutique hotel is situated in the heart of Vienna’s lively Seventh District, formerly a department store transformed into trendy accommodations. It expertly blends comfort and entertainment, promising a delightful experience from the moment you step through its doors until your departure. As someone who appreciates hotels that push boundaries and redefine the hospitality experience, Ruby Marie exceeded my expectations in every way.

    The hotel enjoys a strategic location within a bustling shopping district, a mere five-minute walk from the West Train Station, and a pleasant 30-minute stroll to both the museum district and Vienna’s central hub.

    Upon arrival, you’ll encounter a self-service check-in counter on the fifth floor. Here, user-friendly touchscreens allow you to breeze through the check-in process, with room key cards dispensed effortlessly, reminiscent of a candy dispenser. While the overall aesthetic leans towards darker tones, it’s peppered with playful and delightful details. Additionally, the friendly and attentive staff is readily available should you require any assistance or have inquiries.

    Ruby Marie Hotel – New York Jewish Travel Guide

    The focal point of the hotel is undeniably its bar, conveniently situated directly across from the check-in counter. Beyond the bar, a serene wooden terrace beckons, adorned with vibrant gardens, and furnished with a charming selection of beach-style furniture, including tables, chairs, and crates. The cocktail offerings here are nothing short of imaginative and delightful. Weather and time of day permitting, guests are welcome to recline on any of the chaise lounge chairs, offering both sun-drenched and shaded seating options. Abundant greenery and technology-friendly amenities are hallmarks of Ruby Marie. In fact, the hotel proudly holds LEED certification, signifying its commitment to sustainability, water conservation, and the use of eco-friendly energy sources.

    As you make your way to your room, you’ll encounter a playful array of humorous messages and sayings adorning walls, elevators, doors, and decorative props. Upon entering your room, the hotel’s distinctive character continues to shine. Dominating the room’s center is a transparent shower, ensuring ample privacy is maintained (a noteworthy detail if sharing your room with someone you’re not entirely comfortable with). Your sumptuous bed is presented like a gift, elegantly wrapped, and sealed with a vibrant red silk ribbon. Serving as your nightstand is a substantial Marshall speaker, at your disposal to pair with your own music device or even an electric guitar borrowed from the lobby, allowing you to unleash your inner rock star in the comfort of your room. Additional amenities include a tablet, a flat-screen TV, a secure safe, and an array of high-quality toiletries in generous family-sized portions. It’s worth noting that the room’s cleanliness is commendable, adding to the overall appeal of the Ruby Marie experience.

    Ruby Marie Hotel – New York Jewish Travel Guide

    Breakfast was a delightful part of the stay, and it came inclusive, boasting entirely organic and high-quality offerings. Served in the 24/7 bar and lounge area, the breakfast spread showcased a diverse selection to suit every palate, all crafted with a strong emphasis on health and wellness. For tea enthusiasts, the assortment on offer would make your head spin, with each variety being both delicious and organic. The contemporary and invigorating decor of the dining space added to the overall experience.

    What truly distinguishes this hotel from others is its exceptional amenities. A highlight is the dedicated yoga room, accessible round the clock and equipped with a few yoga mats for guest use. For those who prefer practicing yoga in a group setting, Ruby Marie occasionally hosts yoga events on its rooftop terrace. Another standout feature is the in-house movie theater, complete with tiered seating and a daily schedule of three complimentary screenings exclusively for hotel guests. An ingenious touch is the presence of an ironing board next to the vending machine on each floor, offering a convenient option for anyone in need. Lastly, for those seeking a tranquil reading retreat, the hotel’s library awaits, offering complimentary tea to enhance your moments of solitude.

    Ruby Marie Hotel – New York Jewish Travel Guide

    Ruby Marie is a reasonably priced gem situated conveniently in Vienna. This hotel boasts numerous merits, including impeccably clean rooms, exceptionally comfortable beds, and a fantastic rooftop terrace that transforms into a lively bar at night and a charming breakfast spot in the morning. It’s not just one of Vienna’s finest hotels; it stands out as one of the most captivating accommodations I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing during my extensive travels on press trips worldwide. Amidst the hustle and bustle of this vibrant neighborhood, it truly offers an oasis of comfort and style.

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    Story and photography by Meyer Harroch, New York Jewish Travel Guide, and New York Jewish Guide.

    The author took part in a press trip sponsored by the Austrian National Tourist Office.

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