The New York Jewish Travel Guide offers a wide range of advertising opportunities to connect with our Jewish audience and your brand worldwide. It offers a variety of advertising options for all of your marketing needs, such as featured listings, banner ads, dedicated email blasts, an editorial write-up about your company and services, and more.

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The New York Jewish Travel Guide focuses on Jewish Travel, Jewish Heritage destinations, international hotels and resorts, dining, airlines, and cruises, as well as the promotion of tourism and destinations worldwide. Our readership is global, and our sites and articles are translated into several languages: Hebrew, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and Spanish. Our reach is truly global.

Making your company or services available online has become an essential part of any marketing strategy. How do you stand out above your competitors? And how can you make your business accessible to the Jewish community? The New York Jewish Travel Guide will fulfill all your business needs and is available to work with you, whether you are an experienced media buyer planning a large corporate promotion or a first-time advertiser with a limited budget looking to generate additional revenue and increase brand exposure.

The New York Jewish Travel Guide makes it simple for your company to take advantage of top traffic as well as gain worldwide exposure. By being part of the New York Jewish Travel Guide, you will have access to a heavily targeted audience that is searching for your travel destination or services.

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