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    Jewish community in India one of the most ancient community where we had Jewish community migrating here since 2000 years most ancient Jewish community (Bene Israeli) community settled down here before the destruction of 1st holy temple of Jerusalem, Then the Bagdadi Jewish community from various places of Babylonia, Persia, Egypt and other places who were one of the major contributors who builds so many beautiful synagogues,Jewish schools, Hospitals, Famous monuments and established various educational institutions and business in India.

     The Third largest community is the Cochini Jewish community. Jews from Spain and Portugal settled in South of India explored the Judaism here having one of the best Jewish synagogue 500 years old building located at Jewish town of Cochin. One of the important point to share India is the only country where there was never ever Anti-semitesm and where people here respected and loved Jews everytime.
     India having connection with Israel since biblical era and majority of the lost tribes of Israel today are found here.
     Some of the tours that we do in Mumbai and Jewish tours are as follows.
    Highlights of Jewish tours in mumbai (normally we have 7 synagogues in mumbai for tourist this are more popular)
    * Gate of Mercy Synagogue( one of the First synagogue of Maharashtra having connection to the Mugals King Tipu Sultan).
     *Magen David Synagogue ( located in the premises of the Jewish schools, Jewish guest house and  place where you get to see the Bagdadi  Jewish life that existed here ).
     *Magen Hassidim Synagogue
     *Kenneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue(considered to be a Tourist synagogue)
     *Jewish Graveyard (taking you back to understand the people of here)
     * Sassoon Dock
     *Chabad House of Mumbai (place where 26/11 Terror attack took place)
    We also conduct the tour to the Villages in Konkan Maharashtra were Jews lived for thousands of years which has a Jewish landmarks when they settled here in india. It starts with the names of the various villages where Jews lived and adopted the last names of the villages. Here you get to see Konkani style of Jewish Synagogue surrounded with coconut trees farm land around having beautiful beaches and forts  in the village having rich history of this places ruled by the Portugals and Englishmen’s before Independence.
     This places have lots of evidence and history of jews being living here how they observed shabbath,their professions and their contribution to the locals can be understood here which can take you back to the history of almost 1000 years being living here and will show you how Judaism survived.
     This tour will include visit to the Prophet Elijah Chariot mark which is located at Khandala village around 200 miles from Mumbai and here you will get to know and understand connection of Indian Jews to prophet Elijah.
     With visit to the Jewish graveyard and visit to Jewish locals this kind of tour can be one day or two days tour visit by our private cars or Ferry boat whatever you would like to do it.. 

    With Jewish tour in Mumbai and Maharashtra villages we also do normal Mumbai city tour and places induced in Mumbai tour are as follows.
     For the City tour Places of Interest – Mumbai
    1) Gateway of India (one of the major contributors to make this monument were Jews)
    2) Taj Mahal Hotel
    3) Koli Fishing Village (Koli community is the earliest inhabitant of Mumbai)
    4) Nariman Point
    5) VT Station (World Heritage Site)
    6) Municipal Corporation Building
    7) GPO (General Post Office)
    8) Asiatic Library
    9) Stock Exchange
    10) Flora Fountain
    11) Bombay University
    12) Bombay High Court
    13) Atria Mall (Most upmarket mall in Mumbai)
    14) Dhobi Ghat (outdoor largest  laundry in the world)
    15) Hard Rock Cafe
    16) Hanging Gardens (Showing Mumbai VIew in shape of Necklace)
    17) Kamala Nehru Park
    18) Marine Drive
    19) Mani Bhavan (Gandhiji’s residence and museam)
    20) Jehangir Art Gallery
    21) David Sassoon Library
    22) Linking Road (Street Side Shopping)
    23) Band Stand (View of the sea from the Rocks)
    24) Sea Link (a very new bridge across the sea which was inaugurated in June’09)
    25) Fashion Street (Street Side Shopping)
    26) Crawford market
    27) Synagogues and other religious places around.
    We can also arrange for your Hotel booking, Meal arrangements (also kosher restaurants ),Air plane ticket booking or even travel consult to India can be done for more information about tours to India for more information feel free to contact me at given contact details below.

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