Private Guide Israel with Moti Barness

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    Shalom & welcome to Israel

    Private guide Israel is a family business since 1994 operate by Orna and Moti Barness, some of the best guides in Israel. We specialize in tailor made off the beaten track tours in Israel and the neighboring countries. We have the best tourist cars in Israel and are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Transportation. Touring Israel is our business and we know to make each tour an unforgettable experience.

    Moti Barness

    A few words about myself – I was born in Israel 1955 and brought up as a true Sabra by my father, who was born in Lybia and my mother who was born in Romania. I studied in a Jewish religious school but today I’m secular believer who keeps kosher and goes to Synagogue.

    I join the Israeli army, as Masada fighters were my heroes and fought in the Yom Kippur war 1973 as a tank crew member. I got injured at the end of the war but was the luckiest member of my team and was able to serve again and achieved the rank of Major. After finalizing the peace agreement with Egypt 1981 I left the army as I felt I was not needed any more. I tried to be a civilian in Israel but I could not find my self in my own country. I left Israel to find peace to my soul, and a better place for me to live. For 10 years I travelled the Globe and visited many countries (60), just to understand that for me there is no other place except Israel.

    Traveling so much also in Arab countries opened my eyes and I changed my political view and become a soldier of peace. I adopted a new hero to my self, no more Masada zealots that suicide, an Arab a Muslim a previous enemy of mine become my hero, the late Egyptian president Muhammad Anwar al Sadat that sacrificed himself to open the peace pass.

    Today I’m a father of 2 children, Shira 28 and Boaz 11, and I live in Mevaseret Zion on the outskirts of Jerusalem. I turn my traveling hobby to my business and I enjoy very much to show my clients, who in few hours become my guests and friends, my beloved country Israel

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