Zel Lederman – Israel Tour Guide

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    Looking for something different? A Travel Company that wants to create travel experiences instead of standard tours? Would you love to visit Israel, but you can’t bear the thought of a tour bus or a fixed itinerary? Then the Israel Travel Company is for you! Israel Travel Company, owned and managed by Zel Lederman, can design a tour that is perfectly suited for you, your family, or your group. Their specialty is slow travel experiences, whether walking, biking or horseback-riding. They take groups (from 4-18) to lesser-known, out-of-the-way locations, leaving them with wonderful memories and a deeper understanding of the land and its people. These travel experiences now include all of Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

    About Zel Lederman

    Zel Lederman relocated to Israel from Australia with his young family seventeen years ago. From his home base in Jerusalem, Zel decided to share his love of nature and the outdoors with those interested in a unique, specialized journey. He delights in showing visitors around Israel and has worked as a personal licensed tour guide for many years.

    Zel established the Israel Travel Company to take the personal Israel tour guide concept one step further. The small, hand selected and dedicated staff of licensed guides have a diverse passion and expertise that includes: gourmet food & restaurants; cultural activities; music; adventure travel; history; eco-tourism and much more. They understand the importance that Zel places on service, quality, reliability and fair value.

    For those interested in slow travel and want to see the countryside on foot, from horseback, from a bicycle, or through a scuba mask, Zel and his staff will tailor a vacation to your specific desires.

    “Zel skillfully engineered our physical and emotional transition, lifting us off the pages of books and travel brochures, as we darted our way across the breadth and depth of the country. His warmth, caring attitude and attention to everyone’s specific needs was remarkable.”

    About the Tours

    Standard tours offered include the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Golan, the Mediterranean Coast, Galilee, and the Negev. If you would like more control over your voyage any particular itinerary may be arranged to fit the needs of your specific group. For example, the Israel National Walking Trail is a 940 km hiking trail that extends from Dan in the north to Eilat in the south. The Israel Travel Company specializes in walking tour consultations, providing itinerary planning, accommodations (from basic to boutique spa) and logistical support. They are able to include wine tasting: history & archaeological lectures, arranged meetings with local people and flora and fauna workshops.

    Zel realizes that touring with children demands a careful balance of educational touring, experiential learning, hands on activities, fun and surprises. For families he offers extra activities ranging from rappelling at the adventurous end to environmental crafts. Other offerings include paper making, mosaic designing, marzipan modeling, theater and dance, adventurous walks, ice skating, snorkeling, kayaking and boating. 

    The Israel Travel Company’s focus is in 4 areas:

    • Individual, couple & family tours with personal guide and custom designed itineraries.
    • Off the beaten Track slow travel tours — walking, riding, biking for small groups from single days to a number of days or weeks.
    • Special Day tours that could explore a single region like: A Day in Caesarea on the Mediterranean Coast, with its history, archaeology, scuba diving options;A Day in Masada, Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea with climbing Masada and light aircraft scenic overview options; or a Day in Jerusalem.
    • Israel Travel Company also offers a Corporate Travel division offering tour operator services to both Israeli companies hosting guests from overseas, and to companies around the globe with staff in Israel. Again with an emphasis on a personal, custom designed approach.


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