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The Black Burger’s hamburger Photo: Courtesy
One does not usually associate top celebrity chefs with hamburger joints, but in the case of the Black chain one has to make an exception, as Tsachi Buchstater is the man in charge of the food.The chef, who is instantly recognizable from his many television appearances, was solicitous in his concern for our welfare and enjoyment when we arrived at Black Burger Bar in Petah Tikva for a tasting.The décor is all black and pink, the lighting is dim, and in the restrooms one can barely see one’s hand in front of one’s face, but the crowd of journalists assembled was not bothered, anticipating a good meal in the company of their peers.It must be said at the outset that Buchstater does not stand at the grill and flip the hamburgers. He is actually a partner in the chain and is mostly responsible for the menus.The dishes arrive from the kitchen in quick succession, and they are all variations on the circle of chopped meat and onions universally known as a hamburger.As one might expect, they are perfect: juicy inside, crispy outside and have a great combination of spices that makes them exceptional.
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